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The chrome browser embodies latest web technologies, making it the fastest web browser available.

Simple & Easy

Chrome is super easy to use, runs smoothly and makes web browsing a lot of fun!


Chrome provides ideal conditions for developers. There are tons of great services, mods and addons for chrome out there.


The chrome website display is stunning. On all of your devices.

Enter the world of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the state of the art web browser. Users and developers both benefit from the technology behind Chrome.

With its simplistic design and lightning fast page display, chrome is the most user friendly browser out there. The handling of chrome is very intuitive. You can drag and drop tabs, you have all your favorite websites on a convenient starting page and the auto-translation tool allows your ventures into the web to become even more exciting.
Developers can also customize the browser very easily, resulting in thousands of amazing apps and extensions in the Google Webstore.


The best choice on all devices

On your home computer, tablet or smartphone:
Chrome always looks best.

Chrome works perfectly on mobile devices. For website owners this is becoming increasingly important, because their content is always being presented in the best and fastest way. The hard work of web developers and online entrepreneurs pays off when their ideas come to live in Chrome and look simply amazing.